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The 7 Biggest ‘Blue Falcons’ in US Military History


2.) George Washington tricks Congress into drastically overpaying him.



Washington famously denied a salary as commanding general of the Continental Army, telling Congress that he would do the job if America would just cover his expenses. Not so famously, he then promptly racked up a bill of expenses worth nearly $450,000, over 28 times what a major general would have made in the same period. He even staged a massive birthday bash while his army was starving in the snow. (In Washington’s defense on this count, he was trying to get food from local sources for the men.)

Of course, some of the other generals were fine with this since they dined with Washington. His close friends tipped the scales at war’s end at over 200 pounds each. Gen. Henry Knox led the way at 280. Washington himself gained 30 pounds.

The 7 Biggest ‘Blue Falcons’ in US Military History
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The 7 Biggest ‘Blue Falcons’ in US Military History
Blue falcons, or buddy f*ckers, are a fixture of military life. Here are seven instances of blue falconism that literally made history.
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