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The 7 Biggest ‘Blue Falcons’ in US Military History


6.) Benedict Arnold returns the favor by screwing over America.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons


Of course, Arnold’s response to this treatment set the bar for blue falcons and set it high. Arnold continued correspondence with his friend George Washington, leveraging him for appointments and preferential treatment. Meanwhile, Arnold was preparing to hand as much as he could to the enemy through British Maj. John Andre. Washington gave Arnold command of the forces at West Point, key to the defense of New York.

Arnold promptly tried to sell the fort to Andre for about $3 million in modern dollars, but the plot was discovered. Washington was personally embarrassed, the Army was shaken by the turning of a key general, and much of Arnold’s history was erased from U.S. records. Still, Arnold did get away and join the British Army as a general.

The 7 Biggest ‘Blue Falcons’ in US Military History
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The 7 Biggest ‘Blue Falcons’ in US Military History
Blue falcons, or buddy f*ckers, are a fixture of military life. Here are seven instances of blue falconism that literally made history.
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