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Building Inspector Jobs: A Flourishing Career Market

Building inspectors are a vital part of keeping businesses safe for the employees who work at them and for the public who visits them. Becoming a building inspector will provide you with a good paying job in a career market that is expected to grow even more in the coming years. SPONSORED Here's what to ...

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Free Program is Helping Veterans Become ‘IT-Ready’

The transition from military to civilian life can be challenging for veterans. Are you having trouble finding a job with family-sustaining wages? Or do you feel stuck in your current position and want to make a career move? In either case, I have great news for you: There are a lot of opportunities waiting ...

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Roofing Contractor Jobs: a Long Term Career Option

Annual Salary:$37,970Outlook: 11% Growth by 2026Required Skills: Physical Strength BalanceUnafraid of HeightsComfortable with Tools Roofing contractor jobs can serve as both a long term career option or a gateway to a higher level position in construction. Roofers are a vital part of the construction process and are part of a growing ...

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Veterans Helping Veterans

Why am I here at VIQTORY/ G.I. Jobs?  Well, at the conclusion of my transition process I had been sought for employment by several Fortune 1500 companies for my operational & leadership experience. I strategically chose VIQTORY specifically to continue my service in the veteran/ military community space. I’m passionate about leading, guiding, and mentoring ...

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