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High Paying Clearance Jobs for Vets: What You Need to Know

clearance jobs for veterans


Veterans with prior security clearance: A double win for defense contractors and government agencies.

These organizations with vacant clearance jobs know exactly where to look when they need a person who has already been vetted.


Veterans with a prior Secret or Top Secret security clearance are a hot commodity, so never sell yourself short when assessing your own potential value to an employer. Read on to learn more about types of clearance jobs and employers who want the Veterans that have them.

Types of Clearance Jobs

What’s the big deal about a clearance in the private sector? Well, they may or may not be dealing with national secrets, but one major point is this: If you were trusted with that level of sensitive information, you are a safe bet for them to let in on the types of info they need to protect, too.

As the Department of State explains: “The purpose of a security clearance is to determine that a person is able and willing to safeguard classified national security information, based on his or her loyalty, character, trustworthiness and reliability.”

So no, not all employers are throwing around classified intel, but nearly everybody wants to hire people who are loyal, have character, are trustworthy and reliable. Trade secrets can also harm a company if revealed to a business competitor.


Clearance Jobs

High Paying Clearance Jobs: What You Need to Know
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High Paying Clearance Jobs: What You Need to Know
Clearance jobs present great opportunities for high pay and job security. Learn everything you need to know about clearance jobs and see what companies are hiring now!
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