6 Military Scents That Would Make Terrible Candles

If there is one product on the face of the Earth that is the antithesis to the rigors and roughness of military life, it would have to the scented candle. But as “hardcore” as veterans once were, their loving better halves will always buy a sh*tload of them to decorate the house. This is a ...

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How the Military Breaks Introverts Out of Their Shells

The military has a way of ensuring that its troops constantly work, live, and interact with each other. While it’s not uncommon for troops to get off duty and hide away in their barracks or at home, the way the military is structured prevents them from truly shutting themselves off from the rest of the ...

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Veteran Athlete Thrives Despite Her Two Autoimmune Disorders

When faced with a challenge, you can let it dictate your life or set your own course The term athlete was not a word that came to mind when I think of my journey in sports and fitness. I grew up in a family of six in upstate New York farm country. As a child, ...

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Google Maps Once Sparked a Small ‘Military Invasion’

Computer programming is a complex, detail-oriented skill that is extremely prone to human error. Oftentimes, those little errors are found and fixed before anyone even notices, but when a tech giant like Google makes even the slightest mistake, there are massive, real-world consequences. Mapmaking is as painstaking a task as it is a political one. ...

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This Navy Veteran Was Also a Women’s Rights Pioneer

Mary Sutherland was a pioneer in the movement for the equality of women in America.  As a Navy Veteran of World War I, she was one of the earliest women allowed to enlist in the Navy.  Her service, along with the thousands of other women who enlisted in the Navy during World War I, changed ...

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Here’s How Much American Troops Were Paid in Every Major War

Think it’s hard making it month to month in the barracks on just an E-1 pay? Well, the recruits who won America’s earlier wars had to make ends meet with much, much less to draw on. See how much troops made in each conflict, both in their own currency and adjusted for inflation: Author’s note: The ...

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Why Only 29 Percent of Millenials are Fit for Military Service

Military service isn’t for everyone. Many potential recruits are passionate about enlisting but can’t due to some limitation while others who would make perfect applicants have no interest. The Pentagon doesn’t sweat the loss of young adults who aren’t eligible or have no interest, however, because of the many able troops willing to raise their ...

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The Army’s ‘Third Arm’ Mechanism Looks Awesome

If you’re a fan of the movie Aliens, then you probably remember the mechanical third arms that the Space Marines used to help support their giant weapons systems. Last year, the Army tried out a real-life version of the device at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, seeking to help Soldiers shoulder burdens in excess of 100 pounds. Too ...

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