1.) Showing up hungover every single weekday

Everyone wants to pretend that it’s cool to drink or that it’s hip to have a nightcap or two before bed until they run into someone who’s made alcoholism a dedicated profession.

If you find yourself hungover beyond function, blame it on the previously mentioned “lack of morning coffee.” Civilians are so accustomed to coffee that they have more than your standard “sh*t” and “decent” varieties of coffee.

*Bonus* Letting your sense of humor show

It’s all fun and games until you have to stop and explain why your sense of humor isn’t crazy. Sometimes, civilians just don’t get your dark and f*cked up sense of humor—so play it close to the chest.


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This article originally appeared on We Are The Mighty.



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7 Military Things That Somehow Get You Fired in the Civilian World
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7 Military Things That Somehow Get You Fired in the Civilian World
You’ll realize that while you’ve spent years having the civilian broken out of you, the rest of them have kept their “civilian mentality” completely intact.
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