Does the idea of a lucrative paycheck for a dangerous short-term gig in one of the world’s hot spots appeal to you? If you are pondering the notion for more than a moment or wondering how much it pays, then these $100k security contracting jobs for veterans might be for you.

Private security contracting is a booming industry, particularly given the political desire of many countries to reduce their military footprint overseas. As Kerry Patton observed in his book, “Contracted: America’s Secret Warriors,” 52 percent of the people fighting in Afghanistan in 2012 was contracted to do so.

And private security contractors don’t just work with military and government organizations. Many for-profit companies and non-government organizations operate in war zones, piracy hot spots and destabilized areas. Private security is a vital component of their daily operations.

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So veterans can get security contracting jobs?

This is one career path where you won’t need to tame down that military lingo or avoid talking about your hard-core combat experience. The overwhelming majority of security contractors are ex-military personnel, but as you can imagine, they are not the people who spent the majority of their time behind a desk.

Private security companies seek skilled commissioned and non-commissioned officers with combat arms experience, but have a strong preference for ex-Special Forces candidates. You must be ready to deploy, in peak physical condition, and ideally have expertise in jungle or urban combat, intelligence, weapons, maritime security, explosives, VIP close protection or personnel extraction operations. Paramedic or linguistic skills are an added bonus.

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What does a security contractor do?

This is where it gets a bit hazy. For obvious reasons, the specific details of your position may not be advertised on the company website. As an example, the job description for a Protective Security Specialist in Afghanistan might detail convoy and facility protection duties. But not specify if you will work alongside military personnel in Kabul or in support of a non-profit organization’s initiatives in a remote rural area.

Typical jobs for security contractors  include providing security for facilities, vessels, residences and project sites, escorting convoys transporting commodities such as food, oil, water or weapons, and providing security training to foreign military and police personnel.

The duties may sound very similar to the types of jobs you did in the military. The big thing to remember is that you won’t necessarily have the might of the American military there to back you up if things go badly. The Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs at Brown University estimates that “over 6,900 contractors working for the U.S. have been killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan war zones.”

Other considerations? It is not going to be a nine-to-five job. Typical contracts have you based in the Middle East or Africa. Your shift may be 12 hours. You could average six days a week for a one-year period, with a four-week vacation halfway through. Alternatively, you may work for two months but then have an unpaid break before your next contract.

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The Advantages

If the reality of working in remote locations and placing yourself in harm’s way doesn’t deter you. There are some attractive benefits. Anecdotally, Tier 1 Security Contractors (usually ex-Special Forces personnel) can earn upwards of $600 a day in a hostile area. Annual salaries run from $100K to $250K for those with specialized expertise. And your job won’t be boring.

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A great place to explore private security contracting opportunities is careers.gijobs.com. Some sponsored companies that are currently hiring include:

Vinnell Arabia: Vinnell Arabia is the leader in U.S. military doctrine-based training, logistics, and support services inside Saudi Arabia. We answer our customer’s requirements perfectly throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and have done so for over 35 years.

With over 1,250 highly experienced employees Kingdom-wide, over half of whom are Saudi nationals, we provide a unique knowledge-base of experience and talent.

DynCorp International: DynCorp International is a leading global services provider offering unique, tailored solutions for an ever-changing world. Their success is based on seven decades of strategic decisions and the dedication of the people who have made them a trusted partner to commercial, government and military customers. We provide sophisticated aviation, logistics, training, intelligence and operational solutions wherever they are needed.  DynCorp International is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, USA.

AECOM: At AECOM, veterans can continue to make a difference by putting their military experience to work. We value the unique training and experience military veterans to bring our teams together. Our team is dedicated to identifying the best qualified military candidates for employment. We offer challenging global opportunities and currently employ over nine thousand veterans on projects across the United States and around the world.

Academi: Formerly Blackwater, but now under new leadership, Academi has many contracts in Afghanistan.

AdvanFort: Specializing in maritime security and anti-piracy, AdvanFort personnel provide security for vessels transiting through high-risk piracy areas.

PAE: PAE is contracted to provide a wide variety of services, including critical infrastructure protection and CBRNE/WMD response in countries including Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Djibouti.

Triple Canopy: Currently offering more than 24 security jobs in Afghanistan and Iraq.
(Companies listed in the above section are paid advertisers that are recruiting for these positions)
Security contracting is not a job for every veteran. It requires the commitment, mental fortitude and physical fitness to take your specialized military skills and return to the world’s danger zones. But for those who thrive in these conditions, the pay and challenge can prove rewarding.

Mission Essential: Mission Essential offers an unparalleled opportunity for military service members and veterans looking to begin a private sector career in the Intelligence Community.  We have positions available at all skill levels. Entry-level to SME, across multiple intelligence disciplines in multiple locations. Both CONUS and OCONUS.  We invest in the talent and potential of our team members. And of course pride ourselves on our focus on professional development and our promotion rates.  Contact us and find your next Mission!

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    Retired Army SF,

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    I was wondering how to apply for a security contractor job I have 5 years of military service with 7th SFG and will ETS in May 2017 with honorable discharge.

  3. Adriaan Vermaas January 8, 2017 at 22:37 - Reply

    I have been trying to get an interview this is my desire and passion have been for a long time . I am ex reaction forces veteran from South Africa. Now living in the USA. And I am in to physical shape . I just need the oppertunity to prove my capabilities have all the demolition experience and other requirements needed plus some

  4. John Gibbons sr January 10, 2017 at 14:34 - Reply

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    i want to work, former special operations hating civilian life please help recently retired former millitary with secret clearencece

  7. Jacob Peters January 30, 2017 at 13:05 - Reply

    I’ve considered looking into jobs overseas I was deployed from Jan 2014 until Nov 2014. I enjoyed it alot. Working communication with the local people, and learning about there lifestyles. I’m currently under conttact through the military. I’m a mechanic 91B with average mechanical experience. I’d love to learn more things. & the pay is the biggest eye opener for me. I will be ETS before or on Sept 2019.

  8. Duane Clark January 30, 2017 at 18:30 - Reply

    I am interested in learning more about employment with your company.

  9. Matthew January 31, 2017 at 03:48 - Reply

    Retiring MSgt Air Force Pararescueman looking for employment opportunities.

    Spent the last 14 yrs on operations teams conducting kill capture of HVI all over the world. Currently in sensitive activities but leading a troop in the next few month

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    My name is Hari krishna gauli. I am a Nepalese citizen. I had worked in Nepal Army for six year. Now I am in Abudhabi seeking for new job. how can I apply job in this company. I am willing to work at any place. Afganistan, Iraq. I am waiting for your reply. Thank you.

  12. John March 17, 2017 at 07:40 - Reply

    Interested in working overseas. I’m a Marine with no combat experience. I do have 20years as an Officer in a state prison 13 of them were our highest custody (super max). Death Row. Still in great physical shape and not ready to throw in the towel.
    If you can use me for something I would like to talk.
    Thank you.

  13. James Skog March 21, 2017 at 19:50 - Reply

    I was a combat medic in the Army,Now a Journey craftsman.Can work on all projects.Don’t know if I can be of any help,but could use the work,[email protected]
    Thank you James Skog

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    I was army got out in 89
    Have held :
    Florida Builders License
    Florida Inspector License
    Alabama builders License
    Alabama industrial license
    Mississippi builders license
    Privately licensed ; confined space, forklift, lull / lift , and OSHA
    I am seeking employment

  18. Joe Lewis April 10, 2017 at 15:44 - Reply

    Army veteran. FO, field artillery.age 40, 6″2,185. Excellent physical and mental shape. Looking for work.

  19. Ronnie Jennings April 14, 2017 at 07:17 - Reply

    Iam a Retired Major from the 82nd with 26yrs, jobs titles were Security Manager, Physical Security Manger, OPSEC Manger, and Commander

  20. onyemaobi kingsley Azunna April 17, 2017 at 15:30 - Reply

    Am a federal security Agent in Nigeria but I receive just a $100 for all the security risk here. I want a foreign security job, I don’t mind what it will take me to get it.

  21. rayaz June 17, 2017 at 21:46 - Reply

    My name is rayaz rashid from fiji islands am a veteran from British army and am looking foreally security jobs in Iraq or Afghanistan is have been they and am looking forward for this job my phone contact isomeone 006798320978

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    Former marine ,former Federal agent SRT and current cage fighter and current firearms instructor

  23. Christopher August 13, 2017 at 16:30 - Reply

    Hello , I’m looking for trucking jobs overseas. I was 88m/92f in the national guard. I have 2 deployments under my belt and wanting a better income.. I’m not worried about the places,, but just want to get someone to talk to me about this .. I have class a cdl .. my 88m I had in military was in fuel transfer.. can someone help ??

  24. Surya bahadur saru September 18, 2017 at 19:42 - Reply

    I’m surya i interested maritime job and i have maritime course certificates stcw95 seaman book and yellow vaccine also have 4 years close protection security experience in Iraq,and military exprience in nepal thank you…

    Email [email protected]

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    Can i join with no military experience?

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    Having worked for 2 of the listed companies over a span of 3 years and having friends that worked in many other listed companies, I give this page a big thumbs up! I keep in touch with several recruiters and would be happy to share details on how to get started.

  28. Kent Aldrich May 9, 2018 at 01:48 - Reply

    are you looking for recent experience? I served at 3rd Ranger Battalion from 91-95. Been a truck driver ever since.

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    I am ex philippines military and i retired phil national police, mam/sir im 52 years old now but im very interested to this job security contructor can u help sir/mam to be one of ur member a security contructor can u help me plsss…

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    dear sir/madam I am khadak bir Singh roka from Nepal now security guard in Dubai before this job I am ex India army from infantry battalion as a gorkha rifle . I completed 16 years in my unit and I am commando course qualified from army have certificate now in Dubai as a security guard I have license (dps/sira)given by Dubai police and now I want armed security guard job in your company how I can reach in Afghanistan from Dubai please give me good suggestion thanks your faithfully khadak bir Singh roka my mobile no +9710522160634

  34. Kevin smith September 28, 2018 at 16:40 - Reply


    I am a 3 yr college student in business mngt and a vet with 4 yrs experience in USMC. My occupations include: 3521, HAZMAT mngt, ILS, and base security. I have 2 yrs station in Japan and Korea. Interested in opening possessions in security and/ logistics.

  35. Chris Boutwell October 9, 2018 at 14:06 - Reply

    highly motivated and disciplined focused on mission first very well trained and ready to engage and defend

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    my name is Yeney Herrera ex cuban officer with the minister of the interior of cuban 1989 to 1992 . I mlooking for a way to find more information about working as a private contrator in latino america , colombia , mexico and venezuela , i would like relocation at the same time . please contact me a [email protected] or 4846027256 , thanks a lot .

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    I have 25 yrs of service in the Army, 3 tours to Iraq a security clearance and ready to work.

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    Do you have any positions in the transportation field as far as truck drivers with class A cal experience..

  39. Sam j.p.fardella April 10, 2019 at 23:41 - Reply

    Retired army weapons tactics yransportstion product too delivary tok set up.logistics, platform instruction passport twi.ck. card.tsa.hazmat.prefer lite mobility no helmet no flackvest.currantly 100-350 000 a year in transportstion.no only language I speak is geterdone currently employed by Ukraine Russian firm last 5years

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    I am an exserviceman of Indian army can I get a job in Afganistan

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    I want to get back to the desert. Im a paramedic in North Carolina and want a change

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    Iam active army personnel 21years in the service this coming March 2020 im retired i just want to apply in your good company as security personnel

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    Hello I’m TSg Joel M Maquiling Jr retired Philippine Army last 31 Dec 2018 see attached Resume

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    I recently got out of the military and I have combat experience and training in doing personal security and base security.

  47. Amy June 27, 2019 at 00:46 - Reply

    We are as motivated as you are to help our candidates find great jobs for former military officers. 3. Can you help me in my career search? That will depend upon several factors, including your education and experience, as well as …

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    US. Army Veteran. Looking for Duty

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    US Navy Veteran,(E-3 Storekeeper) BA Criminal Justice/Sociology, Former Correctional Officer, Camp Hill, PA, Retired from the USPS Office of the Inspector General Office, Arlington, VA Injury Compensation Specialists Human Resources experience. Excellent health, ready to serve!

    Richard L. Burgess
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    [email protected] .

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