Why Only 29 Percent of Millenials are Fit for Military Service

Military service isn’t for everyone. Many potential recruits are passionate about enlisting but can’t due to some limitation while others who would make perfect applicants have no interest. The Pentagon doesn’t sweat the loss of young adults who aren’t eligible or have no interest, however, because of the many able troops willing to raise their ...

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7 Ways Your First Year in the Military is Like Freshman Year

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and crust adorns your bright eyes as you open them to your earliest taste of freedom. Your room is decked out according to how you want it and what mommy and daddy say or think is no longer the deciding factor in what you will or won’t do for ...

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Verizon* is the Top Military Friendly® Company for 2018

*Company is a paid client. Basking Ridge, N.J., is a picturesque East Coast town, the very image you might expect of a quintessential community just beyond the reach of the hustle of New York City. This is the kind of place you can easily imagine raising a young family, and it is also home to ...

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Pentagon Tells Operationally Unfit to Shape Up or Get Out

This week, the Pentagon made good on a policy it’s been developing to guarantee the operational readiness of the US military’s 2.1 million service members. The new message, aimed at personnel listed as non-deployable for 12 months or more, is simple: either get ready or get out. Since the closing months of 2017, as the ...

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VA Therapist Helps Dying Veteran Complete Bucket List

With help from VA Recreation Therapist Lili Sotolong, left, Veteran Kenneth Augustus was able to scratch skydiving from his bucket list. Army Veteran Kenneth Augustus loved adventure.  He loved to rock climb, and scuba dive, and always had a longing for falling hundreds of feet per second from an airplane. VA Salt Lake City Recreation ...

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DOL Announces Demonstration of HIRE Vets Medallion Program

Veterans and employers alike will soon get a preview of what the future of veteran employment will look like - or at least at the initiative that aims to help shape the landscape of veteran employment. The United States Department of Labor has announced a demonstration of the HIRE Vets Medallion Program. The demonstration will ...

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National Veterans Creative Arts Competition Under Way

The 2018 National Veterans Creative Arts Competition began Jan. 1 and will continue into March. Veterans who are currently enrolled at VA facilities or outpatient clinics are encouraged to submit their art, music, dance, drama and creative writing into the local round of the competition. Most VA facilities will welcome the public to visit and ...

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VA and Humane Society Announce Partnership

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has announced a partnership with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) that encourages veterans to adopt animals during their civilian transition, and to work or volunteer with their local animal shelters. “There are many benefits to pet ownership both for veterans in need of companionship and for ...

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VA Announces Same-Day Care for Veterans at All Facilities

On Jan. 12 the U.S. Department of Veterans affairs announced that all of its more than 1,000 health care facilities will now offer same-day service for veterans with urgent primary care or mental health needs. Same-day service means that a veteran who experiences a need for urgent primary care or mental health care will be ...

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President Trump Signs Executive Order for Veterans Assistance

An executive order signed by President Donald Trump aims to ensure that all transitioning service members have access to mental health care through the Veterans Affairs Department (VA) at least a year after they leave active duty. "We must ensure that our veterans are given the care and support they so richly deserve. That is ...

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