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States Where Veterans Can Get Fishing License Discounts or Exemptions

Three people sitting on the bank of a lake fishing. A little boy is sitting on his grandpa's lap watching. The younger male is holding the fishing rod and waiting.

When spring comes around, few things are better than getting out on the water with friends and family. When you’re tired of job searching and just want some peace and quiet, you can go fishing. Thankfully, almost every state offers veterans a fishing license either discounted or for free!

Tackle Village, a fishing website that has in-depth guides to help you catch more fish or learn new techniques, shared a full guide on states that offer veteran exemptions and discounts on fishing licenses.

Where Can Veterans Get A Free or Discounted Fishing License?

According to the research by Tackle Village:

30 out of 50 states offer free licenses or exemptions to having a license for veterans

19 out of 50 states offer discounted licenses for veterans

Only 1 state (Massachusetts) has no publicly available veterans exemption or discount scheme

Map of States Where Veterans Get FREE or Discounted Fishing Licenses

Use the map below to see which states offer exemptions and discounts to resident veterans. Tackle Village has a table that has further state by state information. The eligibility varies state by state, so they compiled the links for each state for you to check if you’re eligible.

Non-Resident Fishing Licenses

Live out of state and want to get a fishing or hunting license? No problem. States like Texas offer eligible disabled veterans a “Super Combo Hunting and All-Water Fishing Package.” You need to show official proof of disability to get the package.

Other states offer resident prices to non-resident veterans.

Check out the full list of fishing license exemptions and discounts for veterans on Tackle Village.