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Got an ingenious business plan and a creative idea for a niche product or service? America needs you to innovate, solve problems and become a small business owner. We have the resources to get you started.

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Bring your Leadership Skills to the Business World.

Our veterans leave the service with unparalleled leadership skills and a knack for transforming any project into a success. So why not take those qualities and unleash them on the business world?

By starting your own veteran-owned business or franchise, you can take charge of your future and leverage military skills into a profitable veteran-owned business. Read on for a bevy of useful resources, information and and articles about franchising a business or launching your own unique product or service.


Are you a Vetrepreneur?

America needs you to innovate and solve problems. America needs your unique ideas and powerful leadership. America needs you, more than ever, to become a Vetrepreneur.

Our country has changed. Starting a business was once a major goal for veterans; in fact, 49% of all veterans leaving service shortly after WW2 started their own business. Now, less than 6% of veterans are becoming entrepreneurs. Why?

In fact, some of our most innovative technologies and companies were started by veterans, including Nike, FedEx and GoDaddy.

Veteran-Owned Businesses Nationwide

Franchising is a tried and true tradition of entrepreneurship. It all makes sense: your business will have instant name recognition, and you’ll benefit from the training and support that made the franchisor successful in the first place.

Ready to get started? Read on: we’ve got some great resources below.

Resources for Entrepreneurs


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Vetrepreneur Magazine

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The National Veteran-Owned Business Association

NaVOBA provides a direct link for contracting between corporate America and Certified Veteran’s Business Enterprises™ (VBE) and Certified Service-Disabled Veteran’s Business Enterprises™ (SDVBE).

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