G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

11 Memes That Will Remind You How Boot You Were


Newbies who first enter the military typically have a pretty tough time. They are continuously reminded that they suck by their superiors and are treated like children 99% of the time.

Now, fast forward in your military career a few years and, hopefully, you’re an NCO by now. You look upon the boots who’ve just joined and probably say to yourself, “I hope I was never that bad…”

The truth is, you probably were — if not way worse. Need a refresher? Scroll down the page and get transported back to your boot days.

Note: This article will make you feel f*cking old. Enjoy!

1. In the comment section, vote which of these boots is the biggest boot to ever boot. Go!

2. How you really looked the first time you stood in front of a formation

3. And the award for being the biggest boot goes to…

4. We can tell this boot isn’t afraid of no ghosts. Well, until he actually sees one on the ship…

5. Who needs a working motor in a tactical vehicle when you have a whole bunch of boots to push it around?

6. This boot will carry everything on his gear list, but he won’t use a quarter of the crap he’s hauling.

7. Thankfully, this is a mirrored reflection — otherwise, this boot would never live down this patriotic salute.


8. How boot Marines look to real, badass grunts when they stroll by. We can only hope the old-timer called him a “boot” that day.

9. We all remember our first sippy-cup shot of vodka.

10. Tactical bush cutting training is a highly important technique if you want to give a terrorist a flat-top.

11. This is why Marines never get any new sh*t.




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