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6 Jobs in the Military That Require Insane Brainpower

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3.) Navy Electrician’s Mate Nuclear

Photo: Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Michael Achterling/USN

These sailors operate and perform maintenance on generators, switchboards, control equipment and electrical equipment. They direct electricity to all spaces on the ship.

Navy Nuclear Field (NF) Program

To qualify for the three rates (Navy jobs) above, applicants must meet at least one of these ASVAB score combinations. After qualifying, the sailor must choose which rate they will pursue: Electronics Technician Nuclear, Machinist’s Mate Nuclear or Electrician’s Mate Nuclear.

No matter which they choose, nuclear sailors must attend Nuclear Power School (NPS) in Charleston, South Carolina, where they learn the basics of nuclear power plants and associated equipment. The course is an intense study of nuclear physics and reactor engineering. Upon completion, nuclear sailors move onto their designated “A” school where they get specific with their rate. A nuclear sailor’s average contract length is six years because their training takes about two years. Learn more about the Navy Nuclear Field.

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6 Jobs in the Military That Require Insane Brainpower
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6 Jobs in the Military That Require Insane Brainpower
Not all military jobs are created equal. Here are the 6 brainiest enlisted military jobs.
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