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Top 25 Hot Jobs for Veterans 2020

Here are the jobs the 294 Military Friendly® Employers recruit veterans for the most.
By Contributing Authors

Not sure where to start in your job search? Sometimes you just need a little inspiration, and we’ve got you covered with the 2020 Top 25 Jobs for Veterans!

Military Friendly® analyzed the raw data from the 294 organizations that earned the prestigious Military Friendly® Employers designation for 2020, digging deep to provide you the latest top-tier jobs for veterans. It’s your go-to list of best in class jobs at the top companies for veterans.

This isn’t just lip service, these are the true Military Friendly® Employers who want to hire you and help you succeed as a civilian.

Included in this article is what matters to you most: job descriptions, growth projections, similar titles, salaries and the education and/or experience you need to get hired.

Regardless of your MOS, or what you’re doing for work now (you know, just to get by), these are the top jobs at companies that you can build a career on.

It’s time to put your military experience to good use and build the career you’ve been waiting for.


1. Operations Manager

Hot Jobs for Veterans - Operations Manager
What They Do: You will oversee all aspects of human resources, from training employees, hiring and attracting your company’s future employees to other high-level management and development tasks. Efficiency is key, and from this role you will improve your organization’s processes from the inside. 
Hot Jobs Titles:

  • General Manager
  • Operations Director
  • Plant Superintendent
  • Store Manager

Median Annual Salary: $100,922*

Why It’s Hot: The BLS projects 7% job growth through 2028.

What You’ll Need: You will most likely need a bachelor’s degree, along with relevant work experience and a results-driven resume.


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