5 Schools to Consider When Taking Your Next Step

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July 22, 2016

5 Schools to Consider When Taking Your Next Step


Thinking about using your GI Bill, or taking your VocRehab benefits out for a test drive? Colleges have really ramped up their game for veterans, offering more and more services, opportunities and programs tailored to both active duty and discharged military. There are so many options out there nowadays that it can spin your head just trying to determine the best fit for you.

We’re here to help. In today’s closeup, you’ll meet Drexel, Rutgers, HPU, SNHU and Grantham. Let’s … as they say in Hawaii “talk-story.”

Traditional Schools with Non-traditional Programs




Drexel University

They already have a recognizable name and have led from the front concerning computing, both in research and the quality of education in technology disciplines. This private research-focused university offers some of the most well-regarded and oldest degrees in engineering, computing and health systems. If you want to move past coding and system operation and delve into the theory and creation of these technologies, Drexel has programs galore. They have all sort of mystifying emphases, like biotechnology (androids?) and biomechanics (the bionic woman?). Oh, and they have a research program on data mining. I’m pretty sure Drexel University will be the creator of the T1000, and who wouldn’t want their name on that credit list?

Of course, they have so many more majors. They love their veterans and even have an online program. Sounds like a no-lose situation.


For answers to veteran-specific questions, contact the Office of Veteran Student Services.

BAH Rate: $2,025

Location: Philadelphia, Pa. (with online options)

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Rutgers University

Please tell me you’ve heard of Rutgers – this is big, important school stuff. Seriously, their homepage has a big ol’ picture of President Obama giving a commencement speech. You know who came to my commencement speech? Hell, I don’t remember… but if it was the president, I would have. There, point made.

Anyhow, Rutgers’ programs in the education field are some of the highest ranked around. As a university devoted to research they offer opportunities to not only take up a major, but contribute to a deeper study and analysis of your chosen field.

For answers to veteran-specific questions contact the Office of Veteran and Military Programs and Services.

BAH Rate: $1,533

Location: Multiple locations in New Jersey

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Private Non-Profit Schools

Hawaii Pacific University

HPU is uber veteran and Military Friendly®. It probably helps that we make up a huge portion of their student population. And it’s no wonder, if you’ve ever been stationed in or around Hawaii or the Pacific, it is the “go-to” school. They spend a great deal of time liaising with their military and military-affiliated students to ensure their academic success.

An education with HPU will work with you and result in a quality, practical degree. You will find that they offer a plethora of online classes, as well as a complement of in-person courses if you are located on the islands.

They also feature the Oceanic Institute (OI) that offers research opportunities for students interested in fields like marine biology.

BAH Rate: $2,627

Location: Multiple locations in Hawaii (with online options)

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Southern New Hampshire University

SNHU has one of the most expansive lists of majors I’ve seen, including ones like creative writing (yay!). While the bulk of what they offer is through their online degree program, they also maintain several campuses back in the wicked-good state of New Hampshire. You can find degrees in traditional programs like accounting, marketing, game design and public history. I have no idea how they manage all the classes they offer, but those, too, come in many flavors to suit your interests or professional development.

If you’re interested in lots of choices and a flexible degree program, check out SNHU!

BAH Rate: $1,914

Location: Multiple Locations in New Hampshire and Maine (with online options)

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For-Profit School

Grantham University

Known for their dedication to students during Hurricane Katrina, despite loosing their main campus when the storm hit, the school’s staff managed to relocate in a matter of hours to keep classes running. And it’s no wonder it was so important since many of their programs are online. Offering a traditional repertoire of studies, you can find solid focuses on computer science, business, health and criminal justice. Additionally, if you are looking to zip through school and fast-track your degree, Grantham prides itself on programs that allow you to do just that … in as little as two years. Their focused online programs work well with a hectic schedule.

BAH Rate: $1,368

Location: Lexena, Kan. (with online options)

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Thanks for coming to the show; hope you enjoyed meeting these lovely schools. Don’t be afraid do further research and to contact them directly for more information. I think you’ll find a program out there that’s the perfect fit.


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