G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

How to Write a Post-Military Cover Letter

Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter is hard enough without having to try to convert your military life into civilian terms. It can be tough, but GI Jobs has a few tips on how to help you write a post-military cover letter to land you the job you want.


The first aspect to focus on is making sure there is a connection. The military is a whole different world compared to that of civilian professionalism. It is important to choose words carefully in order to avoid a language barrier.

For example, when referencing an experience involving teamwork be sure to say something along the lines of “my team” instead of “platoon.” There are many examples to pull from when relating the military to work experience. It’s just a matter of explaining it to an employer.

When discussing working together as a team, the military is a prime example of teamwork and listening to one another in order to survive. In the workforce, teamwork is also important to make sure the company as a whole is the best it can be. Attention to detail demonstrates your level of passion for the position to which you are applying.


In addition, you can treat how you write as if you’re preparing a briefing. Research details of the company to know all that it offers. Determine where you would like to be placed, how you can see yourself growing within the company, and why you want the position.

Making sure all aspects are grasped will lead to a well thought out cover letter that displays your dedication and commitment to the employer. Employers are always impressed when you are able to demonstrate your understanding of the company and the work that they do. It shows a level of care and concern meaning it is a position you truly want.

Be Unique

Try your best to stand out. Companies get hundreds of cover letters daily and most have the same type of experience in the workforce. Try to draw from your personal experiences as well as professional. Reference an encounter from your military days that demonstrates teamwork or leadership.

In many cases during an interview an employer will ask about how you deal with various situations. Adding this reference in your cover letter will help them realize that you are experienced, driven and the best choice for the position. Approach it with the confidence that they would be crazy not to hire you.