7 Unlucky People Who Had a Bad Day at Work

By Tim Kirkpatrick, We Are The Mighty

7 Unlucky People Who Had a Bad Day at Work

Life in the military can be tougher than you think. From rough training to complicated gear — it’s all a part of the job.

As impressive and cool-looking as the military may seem on the surface, there are some pretty nasty spills and mistakes endured on the road to becoming the experts.

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So, check out these seven troops who showed up to work and didn’t have a good day. We’ve all been there at some point in our career…




7. This is what happens when you let Carl drive the massive tank, but he forgot to tell you he drank a few beers before jumping into the driver’s seat.



A little more to the left and he would have had it via GIPHY

6. Just when you think you’re about to look like a bad ass, your real skill is put on display.


Oh, sh*t! Sorry, Bill. via GIPHY


5. This is why Marines should train on balance beams before deploying to Afghanistan.


Lance corporal fell into the river again… via GIPHY


4. We hope these guys aren’t a part of any country’s special forces unit. If they are, they need help.


Well, at least they breached the wall. via GIPHY


3. If these troops specialize in synchronized falling, they should be senior enlisted in no time.


Get ready…fail!  via GIPHY

2. It’s a good thing this trumpet player never served in the cavalry.


Blame this fail on the horse’s trainer. via GIPHY


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1. Sometimes, getting a good headstart just isn’t good enough…


We’re sure he walked it off. via GIPHY


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