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Troops to Energy Jobs Program – Who Else Wants A Power Career?

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If you’re a veteran looking to translate military skills into a civilian career or learning an entirely new trade, the Troops To  Energy Jobs Program  might just fit your needs. Our clients tell us all the time how much they love to hire military veterans for energy jobs, but how do you go about breaking into the field?

Fortunately, the energy industry has already laid much of the foundation for such a transition in the form of Troops to Energy, which offers information on education, skills, and employment opportunities in the  energy field.

The website, provided by many of the major players in the energy field, provides military veterans with a roadmap toward a career as a lineworker, technician, power plant operator, pipefitter, engineer, security officer, or a job in the nuclear power field. The program works by guiding veterans through occupational requirements and provides information on the skills and education needed to break into the field.

Once a career is chosen, resources are provided that allow veterans to gauge their skills and education against requirements for the job. In cases where further education is needed, links to VA programs and applicable schools are provided. Veterans who already meet training requirements or have completed educational programs are directed to employment resources, including résumé help and an integrated job-search function.

While the occupational outlook for jobs in the power industry can vary significantly, the ongoing need for electrical power makes a job in the field at least worth considering for separating veterans. For example, line installers’ job growth over the next decade is projected to be solid, and the median pay is relatively high (nearly $70,000) for a job that does not require a college degree. Power plant operators have a similar average salary (about $73,000), but with a rapidly slowing job outlook.

The Troops to Energy program is sponsored by the Center for Energy Workforce Development, which is a non-profit organization created to “help ensure that the nation’s electric, natural gas, and nuclear energy companies have the workforce to meet the energy demands of tomorrow,” which itself is supported by many of the largest and most significant companies in American power generation.

Below is a list of 3 HOT  Solar Energy jobs by Apple.


Visit the  G.I. Jobs Board For Veterans and search “Energy Positions” to see which companies are hiring right now. Click the banner below!

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