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5 Books You Need to Read Before Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life

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You’ve seen the lists from the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed: “20 Books to Read in Your Lifetime,” “The Top 5 Books of 2015 That Will Change Your Life,” etc. Well, here are the five books every transitioning military vet should read.

These are the five books I wish I had read before transitioning from military to civilian life. These are books I reference in life, in articles, and to my friends who are getting out. You will not regret the purchase of any of these. Some of the titles speak for themselves, but don’t be afraid of making them a part of your bookshelf, either digitally or as paperbacks.


  1. Military Transition to Civilian Success: The Complete Guide for Veterans and Their Families,” by Caryl Krannich and Ron Krannich.
    • These two know their stuff from experience. They delve into what it’s like to deal with PCS, insurance, benefits, jobs for veterans, healthcare, childcare, etc. It’s a no-brainer. Get it now! If you find yourself looking for additional transition resources, visit our getting out of the military page for great content!
  2. 76 Scholarships for the Military: Scholarships Specifically for the Military and Their Families,” by Adam Lawrence.
    • Rather than filter through the GIANT books released annually for deep scholarship perusal, use this one. It is directly targeted at the military, and is not limited to those who have served, but to their dependents as well! Super stuff! G.I. Jobs has a great Military Friendly Schools matchmaker tool to help you align a great school with your career when transitioning from military to civilian life.
  3.  “Financial Aid for Veterans, Military Personnel, and Their Families,” 2012-2014; 13th edition, by Gail Ann Schlacter and R. David Weber.
    • I’ve referenced this in Scholarships for Veterans, and it is a staple in my home. Though I do not have children, I do have a few degrees, friends and loved ones, and where they are, there are educations and questions ahead.
  4.  “Managing Difficult People: A Survival Guide for Handling Any Employee,” by Marilyn Pincus.
    • Though published in 2004, people have not changed much in the past 11 years. It’s a thin, quick read, with an infinite amount of information for vets getting out and planning to manage employees in the civilian world. It filled my sails with tools for all aspects of my career. It is truly a gem, and a must-have! Read: 5 Techniques for Managing Difficult People for a sneak peek!
  5.  “The 5 Love Languages Military Edition: The Secret to Love that Lasts,” by Gary D. Chapman, and Jocelyn Green.
    • Everyone seeks love and acceptance. Combat a disintegrating relationship, or boost a loving one by utilizing some or all of the tools presented in this book. Love is kindness, but it begins with communication. Learn to speak one another’s ‘language’ by taking a little time to read the techniques explained in this wonderful, short and succinct toolbox of a book.


Cheers to you on your journey ahead, and may you always be willing to read, learn and communicate the lessons you have extracted. Share your comments, and add your favorite books in the comment space below, to help us to reach even more soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen. If you find a dream job and need interviewing tips, read a recent post about interviewing advice for military veterans.


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