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burn pit registry

Why It's Important For Veterans to be on the Burn Pit Registry

Even if you were slightly exposed, you should still register ... Read More
You Can Vet On It

How to Network Like a PRO: 9 Secrets to Help You Dominate Your Transition!

Marine Veteran, Sgt Greg Hough, shares 9 Secrets on "How to ... Read More
Jobs for Veterans

Why You Should Be a Fan of HVAC Jobs

Here's what to know about HVAC Jobs for Veterans ... Read More

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jobs with the least competition
Job Search, News, Veterans Careers

20 Jobs That Pay Over $100k With The Least Competition

Company ratings, benefits, and perks, plus salary are all factors that come to mind for the average job seeker. However, one factor that the savvy seeker should also consider is the popularity or comp ... Read More
Construction Jobs for veterans
Construction, Military-to-Civilian Transition

High Paying Construction Jobs For Veterans

Construction Jobs offer veterans a wide array of positions for which they can apply their military experience. Learn more about construction jobs for veterans and how to get hired now! ... Read More
veterans interested in a writing career
Career Development, Veteran Careers

A Guide for Veterans Interested in a Writing Career

If you’re reading this article, I bet you can tell that I’m a writer. I wrote the line you’re reading right now. This one too. I wrote this whole article, as a matter of fact. What might not be ... Read More


Featured Articles

Quinnipiac University Building
Education, Education For Veterans

Quinnipiac University Defines What it Means to be Military Friendly

Just North of New Haven, Conn., at the foot of the series of traprock ridges preserved as Sleeping Giant State Park and within easy commute of the bustle of New York City, lies a quintessential privat ... Read More
going back to school
Education, Education For Veterans, Entertainment

7 Struggles Veterans Face When Going Back to School

It’s time to go home. You’ve honorably separated or retired from service, you’ve got your DD214 in hand, and you’re likely itching to get on with the next chapter of your life. ... Read More
how to succeed in college
Education, Education For Veterans

How to Succeed in College With These 4 Simple Steps

Being a G.I. Bill student means that you will be out of your comfort zone. You are going back to school, where you haven't been in a very long time. Once you start going to class, you might end up fee ... Read More

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