G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Tough Girl Style: Let Us Fashion It for You

As a woman in the military, you have demonstrated the mental grit to overcome obstacles. You have proven yourself by making decisions in the toughest situations. With your transition into the civilian world comes a lot of new, difficult decisions; we’re here to make choosing what to wear a simple one.

The goal is to help you ease into your new life by providing you with some straightforward fashion tips about how to dress now that you are no longer required to be in uniform day in and day out. This no-nonsense guide will provide you with great fashion advice to put you on an even playing field with the other ladies in the office, including 6 must-haves to wear to the office this fall. We’ve already created the perfectly chic business casual outfit for you, at two different price points; you have the power to go to work looking your best, no matter where your budget lies on the spectrum. If you’ve been desperate to hit the mall but aren’t quite sure where to start, these outfits will help you know what you need and where to buy it. If you aren’t that into shopping, there are simple ways to create and purchase complete outfits using create-your-own-collage sites such as Polyvore. Or, just click through the links below and you’ll be on your way to a beautifully coordinated and perfectly appropriate business casual outfit for this fall. While these outfits are designed to coordinate together, these 6 items can be mixed and matched with different pieces you already have to create a variety of new outfits that are unique to you.

One thing to remember – this is exciting! It is an opportunity to reinvent your style, express yourself, and create a new and unique identity. You get the chance to be a girl again. For some inspiration, check out Shannon Ihrke’s story about transitioning from Marine to model.

So, go ahead and get your girl on, check out this sophisticated look, and get started on expressing yourself in more than just tan and green.

october fashion 1

Nasty Gal Trench Coat | 48

Volcom Cross-body Bag | 42

Nordstrom Colored Scarf | 38

Nordstrom Ballet Flats | 46.97

Jones New York Black Pants | 59

LOFT Neutral Cardigan | 49.50



october fashion 2Charlotte Russe Trench Coat | 38.99

Apt. 9 Cross-body Bag | 21.99

Forever 21 Colored Scarf | 9.80

Forever 21 Ballet Flats | 17.80

Lee Piercen Black Pants | 34.99

Target Neutral Cardigan | 22.99