G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

Tag: Bachelors

Web Developer

Salary Range: $32,465 – $82,941   Job Description Web Developers create websites. They use their knowledge of software programs, programming languages and design to create the websites

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Retail Manager

Salary Range: $25,804 – $65,100   Job Description You’ll run the show, whether at a restaurant, grocery store, specialty shop or big-box store. The retail industry

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HR Manager

Salary Range: $46,357 – $132,102   Job Description HR Managers oversee the administrative functions of a company or organization. That includes recruiting and hiring employees, managing

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Health Care Worker

Salary Range: $42,441 – $81,888   Job Description They do an infinite number of jobs in this booming industry, but one of the hottest right now

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Training Specialist

Salary Range: $35,755 – $74,154   Job Description Training Specialists set up and run training programs for new and current employees in corporate America. Training Specialist can be

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Business Administrator

Salary Range: $44,929 – $126,068   Job Description Business Administrators are junior executives and management trainees. Military leadership experience combined with formal education can be a super

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Customer Service Manager/Rep

Salary Range: $35,755 – $74,154 Job Description These even-keeled professionals work the front lines – fielding customer complaints, answering questions and processing orders. Managers oversee the

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