G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

Farmers Insurance: Be Your Own Boss

Farmer's Insurance: Be Your Own Boss

Protect and serve. That’s what you’ve been about during your military service. And now? Here’s an idea: you can still protect and serve while you build your own business. How? Become an agency owner and be your own boss with Farmers Insurance.

As a transitioning service member, you may be perfectly positioned to become an agency owner. We’re interested in your leadership experience, discipline, and commitment to service. You might be interested in the independence, uncapped income potential, the ability to build a successful business, and the opportunity to serve your community.

Protect and Serve

As a Farmers agency owner, you’ll provide your clients with information they can use to make smart decisions about insurance coverage at every stage of their lives. And with Farmers Financial Services, you’ll have the opportunity to help them achieve their financial dreams as well. And few things in life will give you the same sense of satisfaction as knowing you helped protect a family from financial ruin, or kept a widow in her family home, or guaranteed a young person’s path through college.

Also, you’ll be active in your community. You’ll do this for two reasons. First, it satisfies your need to serve. Second, it establishes you as a trusted person who helps people build and maintain an effective insurance program. Do this well, and when people think insurance, they’ll think of you.

A Smart Business Move

Owning a Farmers agency means there’s virtually no limit to your income potential. Every active policy in your agency pays ongoing commissions. Your income builds as your agency grows. Farmers offers business consultant support and the right financial structure to get you started. Plus, our University of Farmers training has been inducted into the Training Magazine Hall of Fame—that means the University was ranked in the top five among all entries for four consecutive years.

Every mission needs effective support. With Farmers, you’ll have a team of dedicated employees behind you. You provide the talent; we provide the support.

Flexibility and Uncapped Potential

This is the good part. Your income will truly have uncapped potential. You will drive the size and effectiveness of your agency. You will work hard, count on that, but on the other hand, the time is yours to control. Want to spend a couple of hours on the golf course? You’re the boss. Need to get away to someplace warm for a week? Go for it. Family time? Your call.

Get Started!

Farmers Insurance currently has an opportunity specifically tailored to transitioning vets. It’s available in the following states: TX, WA, CA, NJ, VA, MD, and the District of Columbia (DC). Stay tuned for next month’s article; we’ll cover that and more in detail. If you’re not in one of these states, go to the Be A Farmers Agent website for more information.

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