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Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

5 Remote Jobs for Veterans


The numbers are stunning. The number of non-self-employed people working remotely part of the week in the U.S. has grown 159% from 2005 to 2017 with nearly eight million working from home in 2017, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. Nearly two-thirds of employers allow people to work outside the office now, and some estimates have the number of people working remotely equal to the office workforce by 2025.

The reason? Well, there’s a few, including:

1.) The labor shortage. A tight jobs market means employers are willing to bend to employee wishes, and 74% say they’d quit their job for more work-from-home opportunities.

2.) Happy workers. Studies show people allowed to work remotely all or part of the time are more productive, loyal and satisfied than full-time, in-office workers.

3.) Cost savings. Relocation costs are huge for employers, so they’re starting to accept the benefits of hiring people who can work in place.

Virtualvocations.com has laid out an excellent argument for why veterans are perfect for remote work, and why some will have an adjustment period.

The Pros

1.) Self-discipline. Obviously, thanks to your training, you have this in spades. And it gives you leverage over civilian job candidates who struggle more often to stay focused when working remotely.

2.) Other soft skills. Survey after survey reports employers are in dire need of people who can think critically, communicate clearly, trouble-shoot and solve problems, among several other cognitive and interpersonal traits the military helps hone.

The Con

Unlike the military, the workplace is becoming far less hierarchical. Top-down is out and collaboration is in. The majority of employers want people who are willing to put their ideas out there—unsolicited and with confidence. They want to hear about your experience working with others toward a common goal. Interviewers will be listening for how often you say “we” instead of “I.”

Remote Work Examples

Virtualvocations.com has listed 10 career sectors that offer remote opportunities and are good matches for veterans. The listing includes specific job titles, median salary ranges and skills required. 




Here’s the Top 5

1.) Business Operations

Job titles include: Operations Research Analyst, Business Analyst, Operations Manager

These people are responsible for analyzing and developing efficient business processes that allow companies to increase profit and decrease costs. They align high-level business objectives with daily work tasks to boost productivity.

There is a strong growth outlook through 2026 for operations research analysts of 27%. Median salary: $81,390.

2.) Computer Systems

Job titles include: Computer System Network Engineer, Remote System Performance Architect, Virtual Systems Analyst

Virtual computer systems professionals help companies install, upgrade and manage their information technology infrastructure, including networks, hardware, software and cloud-based systems.

Growth outlook: 13% for all computer and information technology occupations. Median salary range: $88,270 to $84,580.

3.) Engineering

Job titles include: Circuit Engineer, Civil Engineer, Sensor and Safety Integration Engineer

Engineers in all specialties can find telecommute roles where they validate plans according to requirements, analyze systems and components, design and develop products and systems and provide technical support and training.

Growth outlook: 7%. Median salary: $79,180.

4.) Financial Advising

Job titles include: Financial Services Consultant, Virtual Financial Coach, Personal Financial Advisor

Remote financial advisors provide individuals and organizational leaders insight into cash flow, budgeting, planning, investing, risk and financial management. They analyze financial data, review current market trends and rates, and make predictions and recommendations based on their clients’ goals, income and risk tolerance.

Growth outlook: 15%. Median Salary: $90,640 for personal financial advisors

5.) Information Security

Job titles include: Information Security Program Manager, Information Security Engineer, Incident Response Information Security Analyst

Telecommute information security professionals protect data, websites, servers, networks and other information assets from unauthorized access, theft and exploitation. They monitor company information systems for breaches, hacks, phishing attempts and vulnerabilities.

Growth outlook: 28% for information security analysts. Median Salary: $95,510 for information security analysts

Management, nursing, project management, sales engineering and software development complete virtualvocations.com’s list of top-ten remote jobs for veterans. Check out their job board which covers 40 industries.



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