G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Nick Bare ’25 Hours a Day: Going One More to Get What you Want’

nick bare

Today, G.I. Jobs is reviewing the book ’25 Hours a Day: Going One More to Get What you Want’ by none other than Nick Bare!

As many of  you may know, Nick was a prior Influencer of The Month at G.I. Jobs. Stepping out of the military and into the civilian world, we captured his experience and history into the successful company owner he is today. Nick Bare is the founder and President of Bare Performance Nutrition, a successful 7 figure company continues to grow in size and popularity every day. So what made Nick decide to write a book? Let’s take a deep dive into what we can expect with his new book ’25 Hours a Day: Going One More to Get What you Want.’



Early Lessons

Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania around a working family, Nick understood what it took to get by. As he describes in the book he was an average kid, and growing up like any young boy his passions grew yet changed over time. He spent building doing projects and working on his parents farm, which like many others in rural America, became the staple of hard work. Nick’s father was the epitome of working hard, and he understood first hand how humbling life can be. Nick discovered an interest in joining the military when his cousin came home after joined the Marines.  This noticeable change showed him discipline and honor, with a level of prestige that came from his friends and family about his service. The military was on the forefront of Nick’s mind before entering college.

Nick joined the ROTC program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania on a scholarship for active duty service upon commissioning as an Officer in the US Army. This was the place he learned first hand leadership, decision making, confidence, and the military process before entering active duty. He was assigned into the Infantry as a new 2nd Lieutenant, and committed to the Army’s grueling Ranger School before taking over his first platoon. Humble beginnings are simple words… and as many of you know… he did almost every phase of Ranger School TWICE. But never gave up.

In those early days the growth of BPN was just beginning. The company started in his college dorm, and traveled with him from place to place as he continued through his active duty service. Blood, sweat and YEARS of time spent becoming a learning machine created the company we see today. This staple of hard work was evolving, but his company was not profiting for years to come. With the help of his brother Preston and his father on orders back in the US, Nick spent a rotation to South Korea using his free time as a tool for success. He learned, developed, documented, and put in the work to build a community around what he believed in, his company. After leaving Korea and growing his company from there, he left the military to go all in on BPN. The rest from here is history.



Better Days at BPN

Lessons from his book show the vision of the company they are, and the places that they are going. As Nick stated in the book “Going all-in means transcending discomfort and embracing the idea of bearing any burden, accepting any pain and suffering, whatever it takes to achieve your dream, whether that’s to start an build an amazing business, establish yourself in a carer, or simply meet your goals.” These lessons as Nick describes come from the life of an average guy to a successful business owner. 25 hours a day gives the idea that work ethic can override talent, money, and even fame, to achieve greatness no matter the obstacle.

Bare Performance Nutrition today is a 7 figure company that consist of the continued efforts from people that started it. Nick and his brother Preston, along with a small team of individuals today are showing the world that BPN is growing to one of the best known supplement brands on the market. From the last time we talked to Nick he has achieved more personal and professional goals such as completing an Iron Man and expanding his team and releasing new products like the Strong Reds and amazing Field Bars! Needless to say, the entire BPN team is crushing it! To read the full story, order a copy of ’25 Hours a Day: Going One More to Get What you Want’ on Amazon and find out the best takeaways for success!



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