G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   Apr 25

Virtual Job Fair   |   Apr 25

How To Use LinkedIn: Here’s Your Tips and Tricks

how to use linkedin


Free 1 Year LinkedIn Premium: To get your free one year of LinkedIn Premium, go to veterans.linkedin.com Scroll down the screen and click on “Sign Up Now.” Fill out the required information and note the following two things:



Your LinkedIn Public Profile URL can be found on your profile page. Go to your profile, click on Contact and Personal Information (on the right side), and your Public Profile URL is in blue under “Your Profile.” (Mine is linkedin.com/in/quinnmi). Just copy and paste your URL into the application.



The system can only tell you’re a veteran if one of your jobs (in the experience section of your profile) has your branch of service for the company name (like US Army) and the symbol for your branch of service shows up. Unit or organizational names don’t count. If you don’t have your branch of service for at least one job when you apply, the system will send you to a person for a manual review to determine if you are a veteran. You will still get access, but it will likely take a while longer to process.

How to Request or Provide Recommendations: Recommendations are a great way to add credibility to the accomplishments or skills you’ve listed on your profile. To request or give a recommendation, go to that person’s profile. Click the three dots to the right of their profile picture, then select either “Request a Recommendation” or “Recommend” For those that have never done it before, you will be prompted to approve any recommendation written for your profile. Nobody can put a recommendation on your profile without your authorization.



Hopefully this “cheat sheet” helps you establish your brand and find the job that fits you. All I ask is that you pay it forward – share the document or your personal experience freely so that others have the same opportunity. #VeteranBranding


Michael Quinn is an Army Veteran and former Case Officer that decided to give up a “movie-worthy” career in order to become a leader and INSPIRE others to do more. His previous articles can be found on his LinkedIn pagelinkedin.com/in/quinnmi and include:



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