Katherine Coleman–Unified Communications Management            keybank vet success profile

Military Branch: Navy

Years Served: 4 years active duty during Operation Desert Storm and re-enlisted for 6 years in the Navy Reserves after 9/11, re-called to active duty in 2007 to serve in Operation Enduring Freedom in Iraq and Kuwait

Military Career Field: Telecommunications

Roles & Responsibilities of last position in the military: Designing and deploying wireless radio systems


What was your biggest transition challenge?

The military is a very structured environment where we follow strict command and have very well-defined roles. The lines are sometimes less clear in civilian roles. Figuring out what needs to be done and by whom without always having explicit instruction was something I quickly had to learn to navigate.

What skills did you bring with you?

The military taught me many important skills including accountability for my actions, pushing beyond my comfort zone and knowing when to lead and when to follow.

What position did you choose and why?

Having a Military Telecommunications background I gravitated to the IT industry. My military skills translated to phone systems support in the corporate world. At Key I started as a Voice Support Analyst and have worked my way into a management position supporting the various telephony, collaboration and audio visual equipment, software and tools within KeyBank’s environment.

What made you want to become part of the Key team?

I was looking for a stable, growing company that could offer me job security. I have been with Key for 13 years now.

What is the best part of your current role?

The creativity I am able to bring to my position. Overcoming communications challenges and supporting the delivery products to internal clients requires that I think out of the box from time to time. I find that rewarding.