Cover Story

Army U.

How CSM Davenport and Army University are preparing soldiers for civilian life. At Army University you can learn to fly a helicopter, drive a tank, fire a cannon, fix a heavy truck, jump from an airplane in full combat gear, or command a division. Try that at Penn State.

Student Veteran Success

Going to School? Get Involved!
This Marine waited two years to get involved and wishes she hadn’t.

Seeking Justice
Reservist with a creative flair pursues a degree in criminal justice.

Building a Better World
Military students find familiar values at mission-oriented Regis University.

Featured Articles

Honoring You

It took almost 60 years for America to honor the 16 million Americans who served in World War II with a national memorial in Washington, D.C. Andrew Brennan, is determined not to let that happen to the veterans who served – and still are serving – in the Global War on Terror.

Nothing Boring About This

These veterans are passionate about their insurance and finance careers.

3.5 Million Reasons to Consider Manufacturing

That’s how many new jobs will be created over the next decade.

Career Success Profile

By The Numbers
Financial tech follows her training to a civilian accounting career. But it was no slam dunk.