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How the BTAS Program Can Help You Stand Out

University of Cincinnati Online Programs BTAS Program


Going from an active military lifestyle to being a civilian can be quite the transition for anyone to experience. There are many variables that need consideration including where to live and which steps to take in seeking employment. In between making those decisions, some even consider advancing their educational background. Luckily, times have changed tremendously and the process of continuing your education is far easier than it has ever been.

It is understandable for the process to feel a bit overwhelming. However, your military service will be a major asset that will assist heavily in your success as a student. Military service is highly valued by employers and in most cases, a valuable resource in reducing education costs. Additionally, your military experience can also impact the number of overall credits required to obtain a degree. Online degree programs for the military are abundant at the University of Cincinnati, as we understand the importance of reaching your goals while also being proud of your service as a veteran.

University of Cincinnati Online Programs for Military

Why Should I Be Interested In The BTAS Program?

UC Online’s Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies (BTAS) program is a bachelor completion program designed to help you get into any career or field you may be interested in. We’ve had students who have completed our program earn a variety of job titles, from airline pilot, to business manager, and even more supervisory roles within almost every field. While we can’t pick the perfect career for you, we can tell you that it’s never been easier to complete a degree program online with the combination of military tuition assistance from GI Bills and the University of Cincinnati Online.

The BTAS program is a smooth transition from an associate degree to a bachelor degree. It was built for people who have military experience or who have earned an associate degree. And it is 100% online, making it easy for you to take courses wherever you may be, while also giving you the flexibility to balance work, family or other personal obligations while completing your degree. The program also offers a self-paced learning schedule where you can access the materials when it is convenient for you.

University of Cincinnati Online Programs BTAS Program

What Makes The BTAS Program The Perfect Choice For Military Veterans Using Their GI Bills?

  • University of Cincinnati online is a proud yellow-ribbon participating school.
  • The BTAS program accepts students with any type of associate degree.
  • Part of the VetSuccess program.
  • UC Online counts more than 2,000 military-affiliated students among its ranks.
  • Accepts and awards college credit for your military training and experience in the U.S. Armed Forces or National Guard as long as it has been approved by the American Council on Education or a regional accrediting body.
  • Dedicated office of Veterans Programs & Services that can help you get the most out of the educational benefits you have earned through your service.
  • Ensures an accessible environment.

If this sounds appealing, you can learn more about how UC Online provides a smooth transition into a bachelor degree program.

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