Median Annual Salary

Why It’s HOT

Here's why this job is just so dang hot.
The BLS projects 18% job growth between 2014-2024 – smokin’ hot!

What You’ll Need

Education or Years of experience? Here's what you'll need.
Many positions will require a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field. However, proven military training and experience puts you in a good place.

What They Do

They’re like cyber cops. They figure out ways to protect an organization’s computer networks and systems, and they’re always on patrol. These specialists are in high demand in every nook and cranny, from government to private sector companies.

Hot Job Titles

Information Security Analyst, Computer Security Specialist, Data Security Administrator, Information Security Manager, Information Security Officer, Information Security Specialist, Information Systems Security Analyst, Information Technology Security Analyst, Information Technology Specialist

Who’s Hiring

AECOM  |  CarMax  |  Cerner  |  Deloitte  |  Health Care Corporation of America (HCA)  |  IBM  |  Kaiser Permanente  |  KeyBank |  Pacific Gas and Electric Company  |  Xcel Energy

Companies listed in the above “Who’s Hiring” section are paid advertisers that are recruiting for these positions.

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