Lillian Gregory

Program Manager

“I decided at 16 years old to become an electrical engineer, so I knew what I wanted to do after completing military service. I had a plan. Though I have held many critical roles at Ericsson, one of my most important has been my role as Co-Chair of the Ericsson Veterans Alliance resource group, where I am able to help others with their own plans. Ericsson demonstrates its commitment to all veterans with generous and focused support. Your plans become reality here.”


Chris Ranucci

Director, Customer Operations

“It was a tough adjustment – returning from a war zone, leaving the security and structure of the military, and trying to forge a new path without a college degree. At Ericsson, I have been able to use my military training to help our customers and continue my education, eventually earning two master’s degrees. As part of the Signal Corps, I was tasked with providing communications on the battlefield. At Ericsson, I am helping the world communicate”