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10 Reasons Why Every Troop Should Have a Pet

Have a Pet

Friends and family will always miss us while we’re deployed, but no one will miss us more than our pets.

The folks back home can write letters, make care packages, and even hop on a video call if they miss their troops, but pets, on the other hand, just have to wait for moments like these:

10. Try not to cry when they’re crying with joy as you step through that door.


9. Doesn’t matter how big they are, they’re always our little puppies.


8. Doesn’t matter how old they are, they’re always our little puppies.


7. Dressing up in your Dress uniform doesn’t matter, but it won’t hurt.


6. Even if you have more than one puppy, the only thing on their mind is who gets to play with you first.


5. A devil dog needs their own devil dog.


4. Even without holding a sign, they’ll give the best welcome home at the airport.


3. It’s not just dogs. Cats even get in on the action.


2. Cats may act all tough, but they’re just as big of softies as a puppy.


1. And they’ll always let you know how much they missed you!


*Bonus* Well, not all of the time…

Yes. We’re tracking that this one is openly a parody video using actors who aren’t in the military. It’s still funny, though, because, well, they’re still cats.

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