Interview Survival Kit for Veterans

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7 Tips to Crush Your Next Video Interview

As companies seek to control costs while having access to a broad range of candidates, many recruiters are using video interviews as a way to screen potential hires.

Post-9/11 Veterans Find Incredible Careers in Business Services, Where Specialized Firms Provide Services to Other Businesses

Adam Locklin can't decide which is the best part of his job: fighting cybercrime at the financial giant PwC* or being part of his company's Veterans Affinity Network, where he's taken part in ceremonies and ...

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  • things to never say in a salary negotiation

9 Things to Never Say in a Salary Negotitation

Original article by Amy Elisa Jackson You’re 96% sure that you are ready to schedule a meeting with your boss to ask for a raise. Or perhaps you’re nearing the end of the job interview ...

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  • respond to a job offer

How Long Can You Take to Respond to A Job Offer?

You mastered the interview questions and answers and It happened! You've been offered a job. Suddenly anxiety and anticipation have given way to cold reality: Do you want this job or not? Here's how long ...

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  • main things you need to know about applicant tracking systems

3 Main Things You Need to Know About Applicant Tracking Systems

Have you spent hours applying to jobs posted on company websites only to hear nothing back? Have you been using the same resume over and over again when applying to different jobs? Have you noticed ...

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  • What to expect during the interview process

What to Expect During the Hiring Process

As a military member, you’ve come to expect things to happen in a certain way. When you’re on a military installation there is "Reveille" in the morning and "Retreat" each evening, and in a movie ...

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  • Fjob interview tips, tricks and advice

Interview Preparation Tips And Advice

Most of the interview preparation tips and advice you come across are focused on what you should do to prepare for the actual interview – conducting research on the company, practicing interview questions and planning a ...

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  • Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation: Ensure You Complete Your Mission

As a former P-3 mission commander, I knew the success of my mission and the safety of my crew depended on paying close attention to the intelligence briefing. Now, as a business owner, I know ...

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  • post-interview follow-up

How to Master the Post-Interview Follow-Up

Your job interview is the culmination of a lot of work. You've prepared and polished your resume, gone through TAP or ACAP, read your back issues of G.I. Jobs, passed the online screening questions and ...

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  • tough job interview tips

3 Reasons Why a Tough Job Interview is Better for You

In a previous article we discussed 5 things to do to prepare for a job interview but now we want to talk about what happens after. So you’ve just gotten out of a brutal job interview. ...

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  • how to prepare for job interview questions

5 Must-Know Interview Tips That Will Get You Hired!

The interview process can feel stacked in favor of the employer, but that isn’t necessarily the case if you come prepared with interview questions and answers. I encourage veterans to realize that their time is ...

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  • interview advice for military veterans

Pre-Game Your Job Interview With These 5 Best Interviewing Tips for Military Veterans

Upfront apologies — no alcoholic beverages involved — just some of our best interviewing tips for military veterans: friendly mental and physical pre-gaming tips to prepare for job interviews before you shake hands and have a ...

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  • interview questions

What Your Interviewer Is Thinking (But May Not Ask)

Interviews are stressful. What will you be asked? What is the interviewer looking for? The first part is anyone's guess, but there are a multitude of articles with common interview questions — and it's not ...

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