Sales: Financial Services

Median Annual Salary

Why It’s HOT

Here's why this job is just so dang hot.
The BLS projects 10% growth between 2014-2024.

What You’ll Need

Education or Years of experience? Here's what you'll need.
You may need a bachelor’s degree to get started in this career. An MBA isn’t a bad idea for advancement. To sell financial securities, you’ll need certifications.

What They Do

They help clients manage and invest their money. They may sell life insurance, long-term insurance, banking services, investments, retirement income and mutual funds.

Hot Job Titles

Client Manager, Financial Consultant, Financial Services Representative, Financial Specialist, Investment Officer, Personal Banker, Registered Representative, Relationship Banker, Relationship Manager, Select Banker

Who’s Hiring

Bank of America  |  Combined Insurance  |  Farmers Insurance  |  KeyBank  |  New York Life

Companies listed in the above “Who’s Hiring” section are paid advertisers that are recruiting for these positions.

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