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If your EAS date is approaching and you still don’t have an exit plan, you might be panicking. Even if you do have a plan, transitioning to a good civilian career has proven to be stressful for even those transitioners who are totally squared away.

We asked the 2017 Military Friendly® Employers to list the top jobs they’re recruiting veterans for. We compiled them into this list of the Top 25 Hot Jobs for Veterans.

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We’ll help measure your readiness when it comes to your education path, career track or if you need help figuring out just what direction you should head. Answer a few questions and get the answers you need!

By answering 10-30 questions, our Transition Readiness Quiz can measure your readiness when it comes to your education path, career track or if you need help figuring out exactly which direction you should head.
It’s extremely common for servicemembers getting out of the military to not be certain about what lies ahead. Through this revolutionary quiz we’re able to determine not only which direction you should head (school vs. employment) but also how prepared you are to make that transition.
The TRQ can be taken at anytime. If you haven’t yet attended TAP class, your quiz results will let you know what you should pay attention to most in your training. If you have already attended, the quiz will determine how much of that information you retained and how much more research you need to do to ensure you’re as prepared as possible for transition.
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