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7 Reasons Why Companies Hire Veterans

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Why do companies hire veterans? It is your work ethic that you bring to the table when you leave the service environment. There are a few key items to keep fresh as you make your military-to-civilian transition. Below are seven reasons why you’ll get hired as a veteran and what companies expect when they hire a veteran. Do you have these qualities?

1. Trust

It goes without saying that military members will typically watch each others’ backs. The amount of deceit among active/veterans is minimal and the ability to provide follow through is near 100 percent.

2. Work Ethic

Regardless of the circumstances, you can have faith that a job/mission will be completed. If family situations arise or other obstacles are in a person’s path … you still know that the veteran will ensure the slack is picked up no matter the stressors placed on him or her. You don’t have to micromanage or cross-check their work — a very specific reason why companies hire veterans.

3. Attention to Detail

Even the smallest details of a task will be noticed. Whether you need an event planned, a document proofread, a financial plan scrutinized … or vacation organized, you know that a prior military member will cross their t’s and dot their i’s.

4. Work Hard/Play Hard

Just like your friends who can fly, fight and win but still cut loose and laugh with the best of them, service members can accomplish the mission and still disconnect to have a happy hour and enjoy life. Taking life seriously when needed but being able to have a sense of comradery makes life that much better.

5. Pay it Forward

A good deed does not go unnoticed in the veteran community. If you help someone or stick your neck on the line, it will circle back. Not because someone has to repay you, but because they want to.

6. High Standards

When you work for a prior service member, it is more a feeling of respect that draws you to perform your best. Much like a son not wanting to disappoint his father, working for a prior service member makes you want to be the best you can be. Letting down your prior service boss will inflict more guilt on yourself than you would want to carry.

7. Getting it Done

You just figure it out without hand-holding. Service members can be turned loose without much explanation. They have been equipped to get the job done with minimal resources, so any added guidelines are bonuses.

There is a reason that veterans look for companies that foster military mentalities. We want to find places that trust us, empower us and give us a sense of mission that makes us feel intelligent, challenged and provide some balance. Obviously not every employer can be a service member, but for those trying to create a better veteran hiring environment — remembering what draws one vet to another may help you adjust your climate and approach to onboarding and aligning the org chart.

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