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Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

When Should I Apply to College

Applying to College

Many transitioners find they don’t know the answer to “When should I apply to college.” Applying to college is a long process whether you are a high school student or an adult. It comes complete with paperwork, acquiring documents, submitting test scores, requesting letters of recommendation and writing essays. The process can become tiresome and, quite frankly, maddening, but worthwhile nonetheless. The first step in the process is finding the right school. Colleges differ as much as the students applying.

With all the options out there it is important to find the right college which will fit you best and when you should apply to college.

Applying at the right time is a crucial step. You want to start your search as early as possible. For men and woman of the military, start the search as soon as returning from deployment. For each school you are interested in, notice if they have an application deadline for the semester which you are applying for or if they have a rolling admissions policy. Rolling admissions means they do not have a hard deadline for applications to be in. However, it is best to send your application in during the fall for the next fall semester because they will accept applications for as long as they have openings available.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you have taken college credits before you may be able to apply as a transfer student. The admissions office of any school can tell you if the credits you have will apply. They are always ready to help and you can contact them with any specific question you may have.