G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

Veteran Champion of the Year 2022: Laura Chevalier


These advocates work tirelessly to help veterans succeed in the civilian workplace. Get to know who they are, what they do, and how they advocate for the veteran community.

Laura Chevalier is the President at Provalus.

Champion’s Reaction:

“It’s truly an honor to be recognized for being a veteran champion. As the wife of a MARSOC veteran, and an executive in an organization where 65% of our leadership are veterans, I have been able to witness the dynamics for both our transitioning veterans, but also their spouses and family members. Provalus capitalizes on the unique value our veterans bring through the skills they have cultivated throughout their service. We leverage that leadership, work ethic, commitment and accountability to use in the field of technology services. With an estimated 10 million veterans deemed under/unemployed, Provalus is on a mission to provide a career path to those that have made the commitment and sacrifice to protect the rest of us.”   

Champion’s Job Responsibilities:

As president, Laura is the driving force behind our mission, brand, and record-breaking success. The better question is what doesn’t she do? She has a personal hand in all things including recruiting, marketing, implementation, delivery, and sales. She directs and oversees budgetary and financial activities. She manages general activities associated with providing services as well as negotiating and approving agreements and contracts. She identifies areas for improvements in programs, performances, and company policies. Laura is a constant encouragement to her team and sets them up for success. She publicly recognizes accomplishments and cheerleads her team with passion. She has the great responsibility of being an open line of communication for all 400 employees in the company. Her door is always open. In short, her biggest responsibility is leadership, and she pulls it off flawlessly year after year.

Why Chevalier was nominated for the Veteran Champions of the Year in Corporate America Award:

Laura leads a company that has a strong mission of “Hiring Heroes.” Provalus is proud to help veterans thrive through a mission in technology. Laura, married to Marine veteran Sam, knows better than anyone that not all veterans have a smooth transition back into everyday life. It takes time, consistency, and support and that is just what she ensures our company delivers. Provalus gives veterans the opportunity to utilize the skill sets they learned in the field and apply them to the technology space. As president, Laura has managed to hire and transform dozens upon dozens of veterans’ lives. She runs a company that champions an 18% veteran population. Laura ensures we actively seek veterans and show them a path to a career fit for a hero. In fact, all three Provalus Technology Innovation Centers are located no less than 60 miles from a military base across the Southeast so that Provalus has access to a pool of veterans as well as their families. Laura was behind the strategy of establishing Provalus in Military Friendly locations to ensure each veteran knew they were welcome at Provalus where they would have better access to VA benefits. Laura doesn’t make her company’s only mission to “Hire Heroes.” She ensures we as a company reach out to the spouses, children, siblings, and parents of our soldiers overseas. As a wife of a veteran herself, she knows the service has a lasting impact on not just the soldier but his/her family as well. At Provalus, the families of veterans are welcomed to a company where they are able to start a steady career as well as find a strong support system built of individuals who know their struggle. This support system is led by none other than Laura. Because of Laura’s guidance and leadership, several of our veterans have found themselves as HR managers, leaders in IT, security, delivery directors, and other top-level positions in our company. Laura ensures all veterans continue to have the opportunity to move up in the “ranks” and are recognized for their hard work and dedication to a company that is so dedicated to them. Paul R. Gault, MSgt, USAF (RETIRED), director, Provalus says, “Laura’s dedication to our opportunities and well-being goes beyond anything I have experienced since retirement. She has been my mentor, my cheerleader, and my therapist at different times – all while running a multi-million dollar company.”