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Virtual Job Fair   |   May 23

From Military Uniform to Business Attire: Types of Suits

Types of Suits

Trading in your military uniform for a business suit? In business, first impressions are lasting ones so you want to look your best at first glance. How do you know what types of suits are best for you? In a suit the fabric, the fit and accessories all come together to make a presentation and compliment your style and confidence.

The Fit:

Four qualities the perfect suit must have:

  1. Sharp shoulders – crisp shoulders that hug your body
  2. Tailored sleeves – no extra fabric and just long enough that your shirt sleeve will peak out
  3. A fitted torso that follows the silhouette of your frame
  4. Proper fitting pants – flat front pants that fit properly in the waist, rise and seat; hemmed to just the top of your shoe, making a clean break

The Fabric:

Wool is a staple among suit fabrics. It is durable and versatile and can be worn all year long. Other suit fabrics such as linen and cashmere are very seasonal and tend to require more care and wrinkle easily. Synthetic materials are often hot and don’t last for more than a few dry cleaning trips.

The Accessories:

Accessories in this case simple include items that compliment your suit; a clean and pressed shirt that fits properly around the neck and sleeves; one with shirt stays will give you the best finished look.  A bold and classy tie tied in a traditional knot and the tip at the top of your belt. Your belt should match your shoes and not be worn or tethered. Black lace-up shoes with a good sole will compliment any suit and last through the years.  A timeless time piece on your wrist will add class and get you there on time.