G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Top 20 Hot Jobs for Veterans 2015

You’re getting out.

You need a job.
Do you know which civilian jobs are in demand?
Or who’s hiring?
What about pay?
Or what education or training you’ll need to get these jobs?

Now you do.

Ninety days and a wakeup, and you’re back on the block. You need a job. A good job, not just any $8-an-hour crap job to pay the bills. The clock is ticking loudly, and you’re starting to stress …

We get it. That’s why we put together the 2015 Top 20 Hot Jobs for Veterans. Our methodology is simple: We asked the 2015 Military Friendly® Employers to list the top jobs they’re recruiting veterans for. In case you missed the December issue (it’s worth tracking down, by the way: Digimag.gijobs.com), that’s 189 Military Friendly® Employers who told us their hottest jobs for veterans. The retail industry is looking to hire leaders and we all know veterans are PROVEN leaders!

But it’s more than just a list. We tell you a little bit about each job, the average pay that civilians earn doing them, what education or training is required, and who’s recruiting for them right now. Want more options? Cruise the job postings for veterans on our Military friendly job board. If you find that dream job, read also interviewing advice for Military Veterans.

So before you find yourself diddly boppin’ back on the block without a job, check out these job postings for Miliary Veterans. They’re in demand – they’re hot! – and one of them could be your civilian dream job. Download full list as a PDF here.


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