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The Do’s and Don’ts of Civilian Winter Attire

Photo Credit: Spencer Edwards
Article Credit: AskMen.com

Dealing with the onslaught of wild winter weather with hats, gloves, sweaters and scarves is rough stuff. And it’s a particularly treacherous time of year for letting your style take a nasty slip and fall.

However, wearing a homemade hat with a pom-pom is no easier than sliding on a sleek ski cap. Consider this seasonal survival guide of do’s and don’ts of winter attire a timely present for navigating through the inclement conditions in style.

The do’s of winter fashion

Stick with a classic winter hat

Classic Winter Hat - Credit: Gap.comThere once was a time when gentlemen roamed the land and, no, they didn’t don heinous headwear. Somewhere along the way, novelty hats that supplied functionality for facing the extreme weather became an excuse for turning into a walking advertisement for grandma’s knitting circle. The cottage creations may be warm, but they are far from fashion-friendly. Fortunately, simple solutions exist: Basic ski caps, fedoras, newsboy hats, and bowlers keep heat in and foolishness out.  [Check out some affordable options at Banana Republic now!]

Avoid: Ear muffs, ear warmers, pom-pom hats, anything made by a so-called friend or family member