G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

Senior Business Analyst

Ryan Curl
Senior Business Analyst
Optum, a United Health Group company
Age: 35
Branch: Army (1996-1999)
National Guard (1999-Present)
Highest Rank: Major (O-4)
MOS: Logistician (90A)


What Do You Do?

Based on the needs of the project, I’m coordinating meetings with stakeholders, developing plans, resolving issues and updating requirements.

What’s the biggest challenge?

No one wears their rank on their clothes. It’s forced me to embrace influencing without authority. It isn’t easy, but by working hard and focusing on being a team player, the quality of what I do gives me credibility.

 What surprised you about the civilian workforce?

Whether it’s a large Army operation or a long-term corporate project, both have so many moving parts, and getting them to work in the same direction at the same time is a constant challenge.

How did the military prepare you for your civilian job?

Now I have stakeholders, not a commander. Now I build a project charter, not an operations order. The principles behind each are the same.