G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   Mar 21

Virtual Job Fair   |   Mar 21

Regional Director

Kurt E. Williams 
Regional Director
Bayer HealthCare
Age 45
Military Service
Chief Warrant Officer 4,
Army National Guard (1987-2008)
Army Reserve
Army National Guard (2013-Present)
MOS CH-47D Pilot/Aviation Safety Officer

Coolest thing about your job?

My territory spans Dallas westward to the Philippines and Guam. The coolest thing is that I get to meet great Americans from a variety of geographic locations, hold robust conversations and gain insight into their political views and cultural norms. It’s a tremendous and on-going learning opportunity.

What’s the biggest challenge?

I frequently use military slang, or refer to dates and times in military fashion. Then realize that I should have converted to “civilian-ese” to avoid the teasing.

How did the military prepare you for your civilian job?

Five Letters – METT-T, the mission analysis process for aviation operations: Mission, Enemy, Terrain, Time, and Troops. This simple critical thinking process has application beyond the war room and when applied to more peaceful operations easily fits into commercial critical thinking processes.

Best advice for military job seekers?

Learn to communicate your background and experience in a manner that addresses the skills the hiring manager is seeking. It’s an art rather than a science and one most prior military should develop.