G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Recruit Veteran Candidates Who Are Ready to Work Now


With the challenges in finding people to fill your open positions, we  want to help you recruit veteran candidates who can start work immediately.

Over the past year, we’ve seen an astronomical amount of changes in the realm of employee recruitment. It started when hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs starting in March of 2020 with the spread of the coronavirus. We also saw organizations take the workday virtual which allowed some of us to remain gainfully employed. These two factors among many others are what led employers to the problem they are facing now. 

A year after the initial outbreak, we saw hundreds of new jobs being created across all industries and across the nation in March 2021 while the government issued stimulus checks that helped to pump money back into the economy. It also seems like things are starting to get back to normal with the roll-out and nationwide distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine. With almost 40% of the US population being vaccinated and those numbers rising, we can only assume that more and more people would start going back to work. Then why are employers struggling to fill open positions? The simple answer is, people don’t want to go back to work.

Recruit Veteran Candidates

Despite the US unemployment rate topping 6%, there are still hundreds of thousands of jobs to be had and positions to be filled. With the combination of remote work becoming the norm for much of the country paired with federal assistance for the unemployed, people are holding out for remote positions. Not to mention those who are unvaccinated, making them susceptible and more unlikely to take in-person positions.

The solution? Narrow down your marketing messaging and target individuals who are actively seeking employment and who are ready to get back to work right now. Tap into the military community. 

Did you know that the military community is over 10 million people strong? That includes active duty service members, 200,000+ of which transition out of the military each year, military spouses, and military veterans. These individuals are actively exploring employment opportunities and have no issues with rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty. Hard work, dedication to a common goal, leadership, and a willingness to learn are just some of the instilled in our military audience.

At VIQTORY, our distribution network includes all of the 250+ military installations across the nation where we distribute transition resources both digitally and physically, making it the perfect opportunity for you to market your organization and its open positions to this invaluable talent pool. Interested in learning more about our G.I. Jobs and Military Spouse publications and how you can leverage them to help fill your open positions? Click Here

Marketing Solutions to Reach Qualified Candidates

If you’re looking to take a more narrowed and personal approach, we’ve got that covered. What if I told you that we could give you the resumes of 1,500+ members of the military community looking for work at this very moment, and give you the ability to meet them virtually in a one-on-one setting? Welcome to the G.I. Jobs Virtual Career Expo. We had to cap the capacity for our May hiring event which sold out due to the overwhelming interest from our military audience.

Powered by Brazen technology, our employer exhibitors are able to filter through our registrant list, find the top candidates who fit your job description(s) and schedule a one-on-one video or text-based chat to kick off the recruitment process. The Brazen platform then allows you to choose your next steps and schedule follow-up meetings with potential candidates. Join the ranks alongside employers such as Geico, Verizon, Leidos, and General Dynamics Missions Systems to tap into the military community.

Custom Marketing Campaigns

The clients with which VIQTORY has the most success, are those who partner with us to formulate a custom marketing campaign designed specifically to fit their needs. No two clients are the same, and we understand that. We go beyond the cookie-cutter recruitment methods of the past and evaluate what means the most to our partners to deliver results that make a difference. By focusing on each stage of the recruitment process, our solutions help their marketing budgets go further.

Our recruitment marketing experts work side-by-side with our clients to develop a strategy that engages candidates at every step of their journey. We provide more results than traditional methods like job boards and stagnant ads while delivering a more engaged, intent-based candidate audience.