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Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

5 Great Reasons Veterans Should Become Freelancers

reasons veterans should become freelancers

The freelancing economy is here. Over 53 million Americans currently offer their services as independent contractors. It’s also estimated that 50% of our workforce will become freelancers by 2020. Independent professionals have more opportunity now than they ever have before. This provides great opportunities to Military Veterans and Military Spouses!

As the government continues to downsize our military, thousands of Service Members will also become unemployed. Transitioning service members face incredible challenges to secure new jobs. The civilian job market is competitive, and even with all the hiring initiatives for veterans, there’s no guarantee for success.

Freelancing is a viable solution for the men and women who have served our country.

Besides the unemployment challenges, there are many other reasons why freelancing is perfect for service members and veterans.

Freelancing services are in-demand.

Billion dollar brands to small businesses across the globe utilize independent professionals to get the job done. Companies want on-demand talent because it solves their needs and eliminates the costs of traditional employment.

Freelancing offers flexibility.

Whether you’re deployed, have health challenges, work part-time, or want to be home with your family, freelancing allows you the flexibility to work around your personal or professional needs.

Freelancing doesn’t require a huge financial investment.

Franchises or traditional businesses require you to invest a lot of money to get started. Freelancing allows you to launch with as little as $100 and a checking account. All you really need is a marketable skill and the drive to succeed.

Freelancing can provide a great living.

Just because the word “free” is in freelancing, doesn’t mean you won’t make money. There are independent professionals earning millions of dollars each year. While many people won’t hit those numbers, you can earn a comfortable salary or part-time income from your services.

Freelancing is perfect for military personnel.

There’s no other experience like serving in the military! You learn valuable skills that make you perfect candidates for launching businesses. You know how to lead, but also be a team player. You adapt and overcome. You lean into challenges and will do what it takes to get the job done. All of these traits give you what you need to be a successful freelancer.

You have marketable skills.

Service Members and Veterans feel they don’t have marketable skills to offer the civilian world. This isn’t true. Maybe you don’t have training that easily applies to a civilian job, but you do have skills that will allow you to earn money. Don’t let your MOS or military training define you.

All military personnel learns teamwork and leadership skills. This makes you marketable to businesses who need leadership development. All Service Members learn how to organize, clean, or do basic duties around base. You could be hired to do maintenance or cleaning tasks. Perhaps you cooked, fixed engines, managed projects, set up computer systems, ironed uniforms, or drove Humvees. All these skills can provide you with freelancing income. Don’t always think about the technical training or what you did in the military. Think outside the box and you’ll discover new opportunities.

Getting started on the freelancing journey.

Today there are so many resources available to help you get started as a freelancer or independent contractor.

Happy Joe specifically focuses on helping Military Veterans and Military Spouses launch successful freelancing businesses. They provide opportunities for Veterans to learn and earn and also offer free training to people from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, regardless of era served.

Double Your Freelancing and Freelancers Union are excellent freelancing websites for getting started. Thumbtack, Uber, and Guru present opportunities for you to find work. Forbes and Fast Company have great articles on freelancing topics.

Service Members and Veterans don’t have to rely on traditional careers to make a living anymore. They can launch great side businesses or full-time careers as independent professionals. They just have to see the opportunity in front of them and go for it.




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