G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Reasons for Veterans to Consider an Associate Degree

reasons for veterans to consider an associate degree

Going to school can benefit you in several different ways, and that doesn’t just mean going for a four-year degree.

Here are a few reasons for veterans to consider an associate degree.

More Job Opportunities

An associate degree, like any higher education degree, opens the door to more job offers and better opportunities. Education is highly valued and an associate degree can give you the slight advantage that can go a long way.

Higher Income

With more job opportunities comes more money. Having an associate degree can be an advantage in negotiating salary and getting promotions.

Saves Money

Not only can it make you more money, but it can also save you money. A lot of associate degrees will allow you to apply credits from your military experience onto a degree and this can save money and time earning your degree. In fact if you have four or more years of service and have taken and passed the five General CLEP exams, you may have most of the credits to earn your degree.


Associate degrees often let you take your time in deciding what course you want to take while being flexible with your schedule around work. This can allow you to have a job or travel while earning your degree after you get out of the military and are deciding what you want to do in civilian life.

What to Do Next

Contact your ESO or Navy College Representative before you make your final decision. They can help you prepare and take the CLEP exams and work with you in deciding what path is best for you. There are many schools that offer associate degrees. (link to GIJ schools list)