G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Professional Flatbed Truck Driver

Matt Leonard, Professional Flatbed Truck Driver, TMC Transportation

Military Service: Sergeant, Marine Corps (2005-2013)

MOS: Infantry (0311)


What do you do?

I haul flatbed freight from various points around the U.S. My job is to deliver that freight safely and on time. I must be sure that my cargo is secured properly, meeting all DOT and company standards.

How’d you get that job?

I went straight from the Marines to CDL School. I graduated with my CDL and went straight to my company, TMC.

Coolest thing about your job?

It keeps me moving and it’s hands-on. That is what I liked about being in the infantry. I can’t sit behind a desk in a cubicle. I need to be going someplace.

Biggest challenge?

I joined the Marines when I was 18, so every minute of my days was planned. When I became a civilian at age 27, I suddenly had my own time. I also experienced a sudden loss of purpose. In the Marines I was responsible for 30 men. Now I am just responsible for myself. I am currently training to become a driver trainer with TMC, which I feel will help fill that sense of purpose.