G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

Virtual Job Fair   |   July 25

The Power Suit Re-imagined: Out of Uniform and Into Fashion

Out of Uniform and Into Fashion

So, you’ve assimilated back into civilian life and into professional life. You’ve landed a job or are going on interviews. This transition requires a lot of change and adaptation, not the least of which is a new uniform – or, maybe, lack thereof. And after the redundancy of a military uniform, it may be disheartening to see boring suit after boring suit in your future.

At its core, a suit sends a powerful message: you’re professional and you want to be taken seriously. But even more powerful? Managing to look unique at the same time. Taking a break from redundancy and dressing confidently is an art easily perfected when you know when to take risks and when to fall back on the classics.

Guys, it’s all about the tie. When choosing your standout tie, explore fabrics, patterns and shapes. Try a wool tie in the upcoming colder months for a change. Gingham or plaid maintains a polished look in a more casual way. If you’re going for the opposite, dress up your suit with a bowtie. It may feel too formal, but the bowtie has made its comeback into everyday dress. Lively or muted prints offer a variety from which to choose.

Next, consider your socks. No, they’re not exactly visible, but designers boast extensive repertoires of cool footwear. Try Arthur George, Topman, and The Uncommon Thread for a style you like – no need to worry about wandering eyes.

Ladies, a man’s tie is a woman’s necklace. But don’t stop there – use all of your jewelry options. Earrings, rings, bracelets, and watches personalize and add variety to blank-slate suits. All gold accessories are trendy and feminine, while a men’s watch can add a more masculine vibe. Large stud earrings pair well with a ponytail, and strands of pearls compliment a scoop neckline.

If you already have a basic suit as your template, try a fun pattern underneath. Leopard and other animal prints preserve professionalism without sacrificing your unique taste. Even more adventurous – printed shoes, like floral or houndstooth, add something a little different. As easy as it is, there’s no reason to get stuck in the bland monotony of professional attire. Instead, use your new career to look both professional and like you – a marriage that exudes confidence.