G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Nuclear Unit Supervisor-in-Training

Jordan Kahle
Nuclear Unit
First Energy
Age: 32
Military Service:
Chief Petty Officer (E-7)
Navy (2000-2011)


What Do You Do?

I’m training to be a supervisor in First Energy’s Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station.

How’d You Get That Job?

I was medically separated from the Navy due to a shoulder injury, so I didn’t know when I was going to be discharged. I initially took a job at a manufacturing plant as a maintenance supervisor, and quickly realized that the standards regarding quality, safety and excellence were not what I was used to from the Navy. I then began to network with old shipmates and human resources representatives in the nuclear industry through LinkedIn to find a career path in the industry. My research led me to First Energy and what I hope will be a long and successful career at the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station.

Coolest Thing About Your Job?

Right now, I come to work to learn. It’s not easy learning the systems, processes and procedures; however, it’s pretty awesome to be paid to learn for a living.

What surprised you most about the civilian workforce?

It’s a bit of a transition to realize that unlike the Navy, civilian industries have real budgetary concerns. Although there are budget restraints in the military, they don’t have as much of an impact on day-to-day operations and maintenance as they do in the civilian world.

Would you have done anything differently in your job search?

Absolutely not. When I first transitioned out of the Navy, I joined United States Submarine Veterans, Inc. Through this organization, specifically the Treasure Coast Chapter in Fort Pierce, Fla., I met a lot of men who had made successful transitions from the Navy into civilian industries across the generations. I would encourage every veteran who is transitioning from active duty to find a veteran organization to become involved in. It helps to maintain a level of camaraderie and build a network

of people to draw experiences and advice from.