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Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Tools for Money Management during Military Transition

Financial Literacy Tools

Money management is crucial during the military transition, being in charge of your money is important for anyone, but it’s even more important for you as you navigate civilian life. Here’s some tools you can use to help you handle your cash better and make smart financial decisions.


MyMoney.gov is a government website that has a bunch of stuff to help you learn about money. You can find calculators, worksheets and articles about all kinds of money stuff. They even have a section just for veterans and military families.

Military OneSource

Military OneSource is a free service for service members and their families. They got financial counselors, tax help, and money planning tools. You can use it online or over the phone.

Financial Counseling for Veterans

The VA offers free financial counseling to veterans and their families. You can meet with a counselor at the VA or use it online. They can help with budgeting, credit and getting out of debt.

Veterans Affairs Home Loan Program

The VA Home Loan program gives veterans a low-cost, no-down-payment mortgage. If you meet certain service requirements, you can use this program to buy a house or refinance your current mortgage.

Military Saves

Military Saves is a campaign that wants service members, veterans and their families to save money and get out of debt. They got calculators, worksheets and articles to help you learn about saving and investing. They even hold events to help you learn more about money.

In short, you gotta know how to handle your money if you want to be successful in the civilian world. These tools can help you learn more about money management and make the most of your benefits. Don’t let money be a stressor, take control of it.

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