G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Virtual Job Fair   |   June 27

Manager of Substation System Performance

Ming-Wa Hui
Manager of Substation System Performance
Xcel Energy
Age: 36
Military Service:
Army (2003-2012)
Highest Rank: Sergeant (E-5)
MOS: Combat Medic (68W)


What Do You Do?

I manage a group of engineers to ensure the long-term performance of our distribution and transmission substations. The team develops policies and plans to maximize long-term asset value to customers and investors.

Coolest thing about your job?

The ability to create policies and plans that can have influences across the entire company. We are a small team that is spread across all of our operating companies and it’s amazing how much impact we can have.

Biggest challenge?

Effectively communicating my team’s policies and plans to stakeholders.

Were there any funny incidents during your first days on the job?

Even to this day my co-workers are always amazed at my appetite. Most veterans will understand what I’m about to say. In the military you are trained to take advantage of every moment to sleep and eat. Missions take precedent over everything and when there is a mission then there is no time for anything else. For many years I’ve been trained to consume a significant amount of calories at one time.

What do you do to relax?

Since leaving the military I have really enjoyed running. While in the service, it was miserable. Getting up every morning and having to run in snow, rain or sun. It was not so relaxing. I always remember looking up at the sky wondering what my friends in the civilian world would be doing in those hours. Nowadays, running gives me the opportunity to be outside away from the office. Sometimes I reflect back at the days running with a bunch of guys in formation under miserable conditions, and think how thankful I am that there are men and women doing the very same thing that moment in time.